28 August, 2021

Using Metals in Your Interior Palette – According to Lilu

Using Metals in Your Interior Palette

Curious about how to incorporate more metals into your interior palette? So is everyone! Mixed metals were a huge trend in 2020, and this trend has continued into 2021. Metals are so versatile, and people are starting to realize that now. One blogger wrote: "Industrial design has taken a turn and is no longer seen as cold and dark, warehouse-style decor". Metals are no longer confined to the limitations they once faced, and more people are interested in using them in their own homes. To reflect the trend, we are providing a guide to using metals in your interior palette this week.
Metals can be used for light fixtures, door hardware, cabinetry hardware, plumbing fittings, kitchen hoods, cabinetry inserts, and even some unexpected places like backsplashes and flooring accents! Keep reading to be inspired.

Soft Golds

If you've looked at Instagram recently, you've probably caught on that soft golds are trending. These golds are great - they're not as harsh as your 80s style brass, and they add a subtle warmth that we love seeing in interior palettes.
For those interesting in using metals like soft gold in your interior palette, we recommend shades like honey bronze or vibrant brushed bronze. Soft golds like these mix well with neutrals, greens, and earthy colors, making them perfect for homes that already incorporate those colors.
soft Gold copy


Cooper is a time-honored, classic metal that we've always loved. There are a few reasons for this enduring love, but one of them is the fact that copper patinas with age, making it interesting to observe over the years.
Using metals like copper also adds an earthy warmth that we love! It mixes well with greens, blues, and earthy neutrals. Add copper to your home for a forest-like vibe that will never go out of style.


Black is another classic metal that is very versatile. Both matte blacks and shiny blacks add contrast and depth to spaces in an intriguing and eye-catching way.
Black can feel dark and depressing to some, but according to feng shui, "you don't need to avoid the color black when you are decorating your home to embrace to good energy in feng shui. Black is the most mysterious of all colors. It is the color of the void, unknown mysteries, power, and sophistication". Thespruce.com goes on to say, "In feng shui, black color is an expression of the Water feng shui element". So, don't shy away from using black to add contrast to your home! It's mysterious and deep, like some of the greatest things in life. A little mystery is always a good thing. Black looks great with whites and other neutrals, so give it a try!

Brushed Silvers

Brushed silvers are soft and ageless. One of the most popular metals to use in the home, this option is very practical. It doesn't show fingerprints at all, and it adds the intrigue of metal to the space without being very showy.
Brushed silvers mix well with almost any color. If you're considering using metals in your home, give this one a try!


Pewters are a unique and interesting choice for those interested in using metals in their homes. They have an aged look, and are already patinaed, giving them a sense of eclectism and intrigue.
These metals are nuanced, which is why we love using them in spaces that are also nuanced and unique. They look great with both cool and warm colors, so as unique as they are, they're versatile too!

Mixed Metals

Mixed metals are one of the biggest trends in interiors right now. Personally, I like to mix metals within the room, and not within the fixture itself. I think this method of mixing metals is visually interesting without being visually confusing.
If you're someone who likes to go all out and be daring, give mixed metals space in your interior palette.
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Comments on Using Metals in Your Interior Palette – According to Lilu
  1. Janet Lorusso says:

    Great selections here, Lisa! I love adding in some mixed metals, and the currently popular mix of black and gold is so sophisticated!

  2. Mary Ann Benoit says:

    I love them all and love mixing them. Glad it is a trend!

  3. Mary Ann Benoit says:

    Love the look of mixed metals, particularly the soft gold or copper with black. Great post:)

  4. Leslie Carothers says:

    Hi Lisa ~ I really enjoyed being reminded that it’s okay to mix metals… and loved seeing all the different examples.
    Another benefit of copper, by the way, besides the patina, is that it is anti microbial, making it a great choice right now for kitchens.

  5. Amy Wax says:

    I really enjoyed reading your post on mixed metals. Definitely one of the colors of the palette in the room, making the right choice is so important!

  6. Sheri Bruneau says:

    Lisa, this is a wonderful review of metals for your home. Your images to go with each metal truly showcase the power that each can bring to an interior.

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