14 August, 2021

Follow Urban Sketchers for Creative Inspiration – According to LiLu


Meet the Makers - Urban Sketchers

This month, we'd like to introduce you to a whole movement of inspirational makers! As a designer and creative, I'm always looking for others with creative energy to inspire me and up my creativity. When I discovered the Urban Sketcher movement, I was so intrigued by these makers' raw creativity.
According to the Urban Sketcher website, their mission is "to raise the artistic, storytelling, and educational value of on-location drawing, promoting its practice and connecting people around the world who draw on location where they live and travel".
Through this mission, an amazing movement full of artists capturing snippets of city life was born.
I know you'll find this movement as inspiring as I do. Keep reading for some urban sketchers give a follow and keep your eyes on!

Barbara Luel

Barbara Luel is an urban sketcher with an inspirational story. According to her website, she lost touch with her love of drawing and painting but picked it up again after 15 years. We're so glad she did!
Her mission is to spread fun and joy through making art. Check out her website for more of her art!

Haitian Yu

Haitian Yu is an urban sketcher I found on Instagram and immediately fell in love with her work.
I love the bright colors, broad strokes, and the way she inserts fellow urban dwellers into what she captures through her art.
To check out this amazing artist, follow her on Instagram here.

Urban Sketcher - Lapin

Here's another urban sketcher I love seeing in my Instagram feed. Not only is he the official air and space painter for the French army, but the art he makes is unique and intriguing.
I love the side-by-side posts he creates with photographs of his inspiration, and the paintings themselves. I also love seeing the pictures he posts of big groups of people he gathers to make art together.
Follow Lapin on Instagram to check it out for yourself!

Urban Sketcher - Maru Godas

This Barcelona-based urban sketcher has an incredible style, full of greens and blues. Her work is eye-catching and unignorable. I love the videos she posts, showing her process and driving up the inspiration factor!
Each time I see one of her posts, I feel inspired to create. To add this inspiration to your feed, follow Maru Godas on Instagram.
Artists like these amazing urban sketches show us the beauty urban areas can have. For more inspiration on how to craft an even more efficient urban living experience, check out our blog post on balconies.
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Comments on Follow Urban Sketchers for Creative Inspiration – According to LiLu
  1. Leslie Carothers says:

    Wow, Lisa! I have never heard of this movement before now, but I absolutely love knowing about it and will be sure to follow your recommendations as you know I love hand illustrating as much as you do.
    What a great find!!

  2. Janet Lorusso says:

    Oh this is FABULOUS! I didn’t know anything about it, and I’m so glad to learn! Thanks for sharing this wonderful inspiration, Lisa!

  3. Amy Wax says:

    Wow, as an artist I love seeing a focus on what artists are creating these days, thanks so much for sharing this movement, I am definitely a big fan!

  4. Mary Ann Benoit says:

    Wow, these are wonderful! I have never heard of this movement but recently connected with artist Brooke Harker from LA that does this very thing. Thanks for sharing this!

  5. Sheri Bruneau says:

    What a great roundup, Lisa. I’m so happy you have introduced these artists.

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