08 November, 2011

Urban Mimimalism and New Boho Style



by Ally Evander, Allied Member, ASID
Urban Minimalism and New Boho comprise the first “yin and yang” group. These two styles contrast and balance one another.
Urban Minimalism gets down to the core of what’s pure, controlled and refined. It is a reaction against superfluous things. Aspects of this style include geometric lines in furniture and patterns, and contrasts such as plays on shadow and light and matte versus shiny finishes. Featured colors are warm browns, gray cast purples, and darker neutrals.
A description of New Boho would include global influences, multicultural roots, an emphasis on optimism, and high level of juxtaposition. Aspects of this style include jewel tones, mid-dark values and pattern.
Which description seems more appealing to you? Gain further insight tomorrow when we discuss the next group, Military and Romantic.