19 November, 2009

Upholstered Again

by Lisa Peck
Fabric originally used for quilts, tent hangings, clothing and other uses can find new life as upholstery on furniture. The results can be artful, quirky or elegant. Consider a quilt you that is frayed around the edges to be a chair in a sun room or child's room, an old camel bag could have a new use as the upholstery for a pair of bar stools.  A little creative thought and you can have a totally unique piece.
Quilt reused on chair.
diningchairs1Dining chairs done with a patch work quilt.
A local shop where tent hangings and other traditional textiles can be found for reuse is Alsadu.
3949001547_b7d900b516_oA chair that uses reclaimed and very fine kimono fabric from Kimono New York.
5-1-mud-clothThis beauty upholstered in mud cloth was originally placed in the Kipps Bay Show house by BKH New York.

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