15 June, 2021

Updating a Mid-Century Family Room – Peek at a Project

This week’s peek at a project is about updating a mid-century family room that Lilu updated as part of a larger project.


Our clients had three main issues with their current family room. For one thing, they wished the room was as colorful as the rest of the home. As someone who loves color, I understood this problem. Color should flow throughout your entire home! Transitioning from a colorful room to a not so colorful room leaves something to be desired.
Their second problem was that the family room didn’t reflect the mid-century origins of the home. They wanted the room to allude to a mid-century style while still being modern and fitting their personal style.
Our client's other issue with their family room was that it wasn’t as conversational as they’d like it to be. They wanted a space to gather, where you could see everyone’s face and hear everyone’s voice.
While updating a Mid-century family room for these clients, we needed to solve these 3 problems.

CONCEPT For Updating a Mid-Century Family Room:

At Lilu, we start each project with a concept. For this mid-century family room the concept words were: mid-century, relaxing, casual, welcoming, authentic, smile, embracing, joyful, happy, exuberant, family, and gather. After meeting with our client, we added the word adventure. When we get to art and accessories, they will reflect our client's sense of adventure and world travels.


While updating a Mid-Century family room, the furniture floor plan is key. We presented our clients with four floor plans that reflected the concept for the space and addressed the issues our client identified.
One of our main considerations for these floor plans was to make sure that the layout of the furniture reflected the value our clients held in having a space that was conversational.
They also wanted space for playing musical instruments. So, we made sure to create floor plans that included room for stools for guitar and string playing.
Do you need a multi-purpose room in your home where you can converse, play music and maybe even work? See our blog on Flex Rooms.


The furniture we finally chose reflected the concept for the space. We used a frame TV as part of the gallery wall in order to improve the furniture floor plan and make the family room more conversational.
With the furniture we chose, we kept in mind our clients desire to balance the to balance the look between welcoming and mid-century without being kitschy.
Another important need for our clients was accommodating an option to put your feet up for comfort while watching television. So, we provided two ottomans. One was small, which doubled as a stool for playing musical instruments. The other was large and easily shareable, which added to the conversational aspect of this updated mid-century family room.

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