25 September, 2011

Twin Cities are Creative Inspiration

by Lisa Peck, ASID
As Twin Citians, we are used to hearing about how the metro is a magnet for the "creative class".  We attract talent in the form of creative people in all industries because of the quality of life in our fair cities and because of the art and culture that we have.
According to a recent article in Metro Magazine
"  A snapshot of the Twin Cities creative class includes writers, performers, visual artists, musicians and the technicians who make it all happen behind the scenes. In a chart of “density of artistic and cultural creatives,” Florida places Minneapolis fifth in the nation, a hair behind San Francisco;" (Metro Mag February 2011)
I love the idea that I live in a hotbed of creativity and while others may argue the point, I just look out my door, down the street and on the internet for confirmation...arts, culture and creativity abound in the Twin Cities. At LiLu we regularly get out and about to drink in this creativity, take advantage of the unique things that add to the quality of life in the cities and because we do, we remain inspired and creative ourselves.
If you ever find yourselves feeling like your creative well is running on empty, step outside and experience something new...need ideas? Just call us at LiLu and any week you will find there is something great on our list.
This week on the LiLu blog we will tap into just a few of our recent or favorite activities that highlight why we think the Twin Cities rock quality of life and creativity.

Above by Twin Cities light painting artist known as "Twin Cities Brightest"