10 June, 2011


By LuAnne Silvia, ASID
Trove wall papers are like no other. The large scale nature inspired photographic images instantly create a stunning focal point. The depth and perspective of the patterns add dimension and interest to an interior more like a piece of artwork than what you think of when you hear wall paper. Printed on paper, wood veneer, glass bead, and recycled material and they are suitable for commerical use too. The award-winning product has found a home at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum's permanent collection. And the designer Jee Levin grew up in Minneapolis. Take a look at these inspiring papers showing an installation and the available colorways
FuocoTrove fuoco
ValaisTrove valais
Inditrove indi
Alartrove alar
Erraitrove errai
Iotrove io
Azhatrove azha
Alulatrove alula

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