09 January, 2019

LiLu Interiors’ Top 5 Organization Tips for the New Year (Plus One Super-Sneaky Bonus Tip to Increase Motivation!)


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Here it is! Our favorite tricks for getting organized in the New Year by LiLu Interiors, Minneapolis based Interior Designers. Check out what we think can help you finally conquer your organizational tasks in 2019!
1.) Roll Everything to Maximize Space!
This is my fave! I have implemented this at my house and its so easy! Everything that you fold- clothes, towels, linens- should instead be ROLLED! Make your socks, undies, shirts, pants, EVERYTHING into little sushi rolls. It maximizes space, you can see everything, and its just more fun than folding. Special bonus: your sock & undie drawer will be adorable to behold!
2.) The 15-Minutes-a-Day Trick:
Pick a problem area and spend just 15 minutes on it. The junk drawer, one cabinet, one drawer, one shelf. Baby steps make the job seem more manageable and you will get to see incremental improvements.
BONUS Super-Sneaky Trick to Increase Motivation:
Take Before and After photos of all organization projects you undertake! Sometimes the drugery of a task takes the fun out of finishing it. But, if you have the before photo to compare it to, you will be reminded of the hard work you did and can use it as motivation to keep going on other projects.
3.) Group like things
All your batteries should be together in one place. All your light bulbs should be together. All your tape, post-it notes, etc should be together. Yes, it’s obvious, but have you done it? Are they all in one place? Do it and you’ll be happy.
4.) Treat Yo’self!
If you achieved an organizational goal, Treat Yo’self! Finally organized those book shelves? Maybe you should buy that picture frame you’ve had your eye on as part of the new display.
5.) Hire a Professional
If you can’t make any progress, hire a professional! There are people that do this for money! Ask yourself: How much is the peace of mind that organization brings worth to you?

Comments on LiLu Interiors’ Top 5 Organization Tips for the New Year (Plus One Super-Sneaky Bonus Tip to Increase Motivation!)
  1. Sarah says:

    Great tips that can be quickly implemented

    1. Lisa Peck says:

      Sarah: I appreciate your feedback. I think the key is to not overwhelm yourself so I always like quick tips!

  2. Leslie Carothers says:

    Hi Lisa ~
    I really enjoyed reading your organizational tips! I especially liked the one about treating yourself to a pretty picture frame in return for getting your bookcases organized.
    With the new NETFLIX series out by Marie Kondo, I think everyone is going to be wanting to read tips like these to help them get started.
    PS: I DO use the 15 minute a day trick…and it really works to help me keep my papers and things organized.
    I like waking up to a clean sink!

    1. Lisa Peck says:

      Thanks for your feedback Leslie! I haven’t watched the Netflix show yet but I’m hoping to watch an episode today.

  3. Amy Wax says:

    Great blog post and perfect for the beginning of the year! I especially enjoyed your extra tip, I have always done that, and love comparing the before and after photos!

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