17 November, 2019

Seven Top Trends At High Point Market-According to LiLu

Seven Top Trends At High Point Market-ACCORDING TO LILU

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I know this is my second post about Design Bloggers Tour, but I’m telling you, I could write a book. I saw so many fabulous introductions at High Point Market, I just can’t keep them to myself. I want to thank Esteem Media and High Point Market Authority for sponsoring the trip.

I learned so many great things and met so many fabulous designers!

All seven of the High Point Market trends fall under one big umbrella called “do your own thing” I saw a diversity of color, materials and style that seems indicate that the call to be authentic in your own home is being heard by manufacturers. There isn’t one or two distinct colors or styles they are trying to dictate to designers and homeowners. I find that a truly refreshing change.

We all have our own aesthetic that speaks to us, color that soothes or pleases us and today’s interior design trends have something to offer almost everyone.

I did see seven “trends” that stood out a little stronger than the rest.

Organic + Modern-Seven Top Trends at High Point Market

This year High Point Market trends included a modern take on organic. Think Boho meets pared back aesthetic.

Indications of this trend were found everywhere. The modern meets raffia wall art at Norwalk furniture combined simple geometric form and pop art color with natural materials.

At Corbett Lighting the Martyn Lawrence Bullard collection featured these organic flower-like sconces in modern metals. And wicker pendant lights with modern metal trim.

Dome Deco featured a vignette for the modern urban dweller with a living wall feature. An example incorporating the natural world into slick interior.

Hooker Furniture got into the act with a cocktail table with raffia and glass in an unexpectedly modern design.

Organic floral hardware and embellishment on case goods at Hooker Furniture is yet another example of the modern organic High Point Market Trend.

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Mixed Materials-Top Trends at High Point Market

As a designer, I sometimes have a hard time getting clients to mix materials with in a room. Think wood and painted cabinetry or two metal finishes in the same kitchen. It’s a stretch for some people. This fall at market, mixed materials were everywhere and all in one piece of furniture!

At Four Hands we saw shelves that mixed wood metal and stone right when we entered. This was followed up by nesting tables that featured three different marble colors in one set.

Hooker furniture had fabulous case pieces with geode pulls, metallic dimensional door fronts and wood cases. A show stopper was an ottoman that mixed velvet metal studs and rustic wood in a Moroccan style. And a cocktail table reminiscent of Ralph Lauren with leather, metal and glass.

Top Trends of High Point Market-Mixed Materials #interiordesign #interiortrends #furniture #furnituretrends Top Trends of High Point Market-Mixed Materials #interiordesign #interiortrends #furniture #furnituretrends

70’s Inspiration-Top Trends at High Point Market

From the long low casual chic of 70’s hippie culture to a disco vibe and references to Brutalist architecture the 70’s were a strong influence on High Point market trends.

Kravet’s new collection designed by Micheal Berman  included a brutalist style dining table and cabinet and some decidedly disco glam inspired ottomans.

Hooker furniture got into this vibe with a shelving system of wood and rope with a hippie diy aesthetic.

Cisco Brothers had a vignette with slouchy California chic style mixed with an earthy ethnic rug and chunky (brutalist) suede chairs…all very aligned with this trend.

Seven Top Trends at High Point Market- 70's Influence #interiordesign #interiordesigntrends #furnituretrends Seven Top Trends at High Point Market- 70's Influence #interiordesign #interiordesigntrends #furnituretrends Seven Top Trends of High Point Market #interiordesign #interiordesigntrends #hpmkt Top Trends at High Point Market- Color #interiordesign #interiordesigner #interiortrends

A Dichotomy of Color-Top Trends at High Point Market

Previous markets I have walked away thinking “Green” “Pink” or “Navy”. There has often been one stand out color that hive mind seemed to have produced across the entire market.

This fall what I noticed was a dichotomy of color. Not that there weren’t neutrals, there were, French grays, beige and white. But when you saw colors they were in one of two camps. Rich, deep and spicy or perfectly pastel.

The James by Jimmy DeLaurentis showroom represented both ends of the spectrum with two vignettes in eye-catchingly bold color and one in a pastel pink.

At Four Hands I noticed rich greens and deep browns.

Daniel Stuart Studio had a pillow for every color palette from mint and sage green to sapphire blue and saffron too.

Pretty pastel were even featured in the Lloyd Flanders showroom. This rocker is a lovely classic. The pastel color a perfect fit for a coastal look. Lloyd Flanders in an American made outdoor line that will last a lifetime.

Jaipur Living had great rugs in all of these colors to mix into an interior features these fabulous colors from the soft and serene to the rich and luxurious.
Top Trends at High Point Market- Color #interiordesign #interiordesigner #interiortrends Top Trends at High Point Market- Rich Color #interiordesign #interiordesigner #interiortrends Top Trends of High Point Market-Pastel and Rich Colors #interiordesign #interiortrends #furniture Top Trends at High Point Market- Color in Rugs #interiordesign #interiordesigner #interiortrends

Embellishment and Intricacy

Maximalists rejoice! There were many maximalist delights that were top trends High Point Market.

At Four Hands and Hooker furniture were maximalist in their own ways. At Four Hands we saw several examples of marquetry on cabinet fronts showing off different wood species in a modern way.

Hooker went right for the luxurious maximalist look with cabinet fronts reminiscent of Gracie wall covering and hardware akin to a blown up brooch.

Seven Top Trends at High Point Market CLICK FOR MORE #interiordesign #interiortrends #interiorideas Seven Top Trends at High Point Market CLICK FOR MORE #interiordesign #interiortrends #interiorideas Seven Top Trends at High Point Market-Maximalism CLICK FOR MORE #interiordesign #interiortrends #interiorideas Seven Top Trends at High Point Market-Maximalism CLICK FOR MORE #interiordesign #interiortrends #interiorideas

Softened Edges

From case goods to tables it seemed the love of an organic look was being expressed in softened corners and edges. The result is a slightly Art Deco look expressed in a modern way.

Cisco Brothers had a rectangular leather ottoman with softened corners that was modern and accessible.

Hooker Furniture had many case pieces and a table with rounded and softened corners that had a glamorous vibe.

Four Hands showed the same rounded look in a more casual laid back style.

Top Trends at High Point Market - Soft Edges CLICK TO READ #interiordesign #interiortrends #hpmkt Top Trends at High Point Market - Soft Edges CLICK TO READ #interiordesign #interiortrends #hpmkt Top Trends at High Point Market - Soft Edges CLICK TO READ #interiordesign #interiortrends #hpmkt Top Trends at High Point Market - Soft Edges CLICK TO READ #interiordesign #interiortrends #hpmkt Top Trends at High Point Market - Soft Edges CLICK TO READ #interiordesign #interiortrends #hpmkt

Leveraging Technology

Leveraging Technology to make life more beautiful, better, and filled with ease was an ongoing trend at market.

Crypton performance fabrics were shown in many upholstery lines including Huntington House,   

Norwalk Furniture and Cisco Brothers. Crypton adds ease of maintenance to daily living! Stain resistance, odor resistance and super cleanable sofas and chairs makes living with kids and pets a more enjoyable experience.

Huntington House also had a sofa sleeper that at the push of a button and mechanical recliners that can float in the middle of the room! Technology that allows you to save your back and solves design dilemmas can’t be bad!

Hubbardton Forge  created several new light fixtures that leverage technology to create beauty in our home design. One I found particularly intriguing was an led lit globe that easily adjusts in height along two vertical wires to give flexible lighting and endless design options for the fixture.

Top Trends at High Point Market-LED lighting CLICK TO READ #interiordesign #lighting #ledlighting #interiordesigntrends

Endless Inspiration

The trends at High Point Market will provide me with endless inspiration for design and for thinking of things in new and different ways. I hope you find the same inspiration in reading all the posts from the designer on Design Bloggers tour. Find them below and check out their blogs for the latest in design and the best of High Point market.

Noble Designs

DVD Interior Design

Tim Green Designs

Rachel Moriarty Interiors

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Donna Mancini Interiors & Flooring

Bandd Design

Lori Dennis

See my post about the Small Gems of High Point Market for more inspiration from fall market.

IMG_1061 Top Trends at High Point Market 2019 CLICK FOR MORE #interiordesign #interiortrends #hpmkt #interiordecor #furniture IMG_1061 Top Trends at High Point Market 2019 CLICK FOR MORE #interiordesign #interiortrends #hpmkt #interiordecor #furniture

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  1. Leslie Carothers says:

    This is such a great take on the trends you saw from these exhibitors, Lisa! Tracy’s credenza is a stand out for me along with Hooker’s DIY-like shelving with the rope.

  2. Janet R Lorusso says:

    Great insights, Lisa. I love the new embellishments with marquetry and mixed materials and all that overstated jewelry-like hardware! And, of course, the Hubbardton Forge abacus lights that seem to be the darling of the show!

  3. Jeri says:

    What a great synopsis of Market for those of us who couldn’t make it. As you point out, something for everyone. I can leave the Brutalists and the 70s, but gimme all the Hooker! From that leather, glass and metal coffee table to the gold armoire. And I love all of the soft and rounded edges.

  4. Linda Merrill says:

    Hi Lisa – thanks for the insiders tour! Pinned!

  5. Mary Ann Benoit says:

    Great summary and it makes me happy because I really like all these trends except maybe some of the 70’s inspiration. Thanks for the tour!

  6. Julie Lampe says:

    I love how we all notice different trends at market. I love to see what caught other people’s eyes. These are all great! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Claire says:

    Love your photos Lisa. The graphics are fabulous too. Although I went to Highpoint, it’s impossible to see it all. Loved seeing so many other beautiful showrooms in your post. Cheers for sharing!

  8. Angela Todd says:

    Good recap! Thank you for all the inspiration. And congrats on being among the design blogger selection.

  9. Sheri Bruneau says:

    What a fabulous run down. The glass, leather, and metal coffee table…..ooooo la la!
    Thank you for sharing your experience at HP!

  10. Wendy Cook says:

    I’ve been excited to see more colors being used and this just confirms my thinking. Love how you organized each trend.

  11. Amy Wax says:

    What a great post, I love your examples, it is as if the reader experienced each of these trends in person. Thanks so much for sharing your vision!

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