24 November, 2019

Five Top Take Aways From High Point Market-According to LiLu

5 Top Design Take Aways from High Point Market

First, I want to thank Esteem Media for the opportunity to participate in Design Bloggers Tour at the fall High Point Market. It was fabulous meeting the other designers on the tour and absolutely awesome getting the inside scoop from the brands we visited.
Here are the things we saw that weren’t just about beauty (although we saw plenty of that) but about what homeowners want now from their homes.

Less Maintenance

I was so impressed with the beauty and practicality that we saw. Because we often work with young families, people who have pets or grandchildren …you know real people I loved the information we learned about Crypton fabrics. Having worked in commercial design and on healthcare spaces, I was familiar with Crypton and its practical uses.
I also loved the softness and texture of the residential Crypton fabrics! It’s very practical with no compromise on comfort.
A little fact I didn’t know is that Crypton is also odor resistant. No more eau d’ wet dog!
I often do a little demonstration for clients where I will show liquid beading up on the surface of the fabric, I am showing them.  But the demonstration that we saw at Norwalk Furniture, a manufacturer who has graded in Crypton fabrics, was so enlightening. I am sharing the video demonstration here (excuse my video skills)
Top Tips for cleaning Crypton fabrics:

  • Just a couple drops of washing liquid diluted in water does the trick! Less soap more water
  • Blot don’t scrub. They really mean it!
  • Take a second cloth and blot the water out.

We also visited Huntington House and Cisco Brothers manufacturers who both features graded in Crypton fabrics.
Also, under the heading of less maintenance Daniel Stuart Studio offered machine washable bedding and throw pillows with luxury styling and fabrics. Meaning no trips to the dry cleaners and a high-end look.

Comfort and Flexibility

Another nod to real life we saw on the design bloggers tour at High Point market was furniture that looks great but reclines, swivels, or transforms itself so your home can be comfortable and stylish and meet all your needs.
One particular highlight was a sectional with a sleeper that appears at the touch of a button from Huntington House.   It takes a bit of time to emerge but with more older people downsizing and still needing guest space, it’s a great solution.
Sectionals have always been a favorite for a flexible room but a new idea I love is the cuddle corner. Several manufacturers, including Hooker Furniture and Cisco Brothers, have a take on a different corner shape that allows you to cuddle up with a loved one in a different cozier way!
top-take-aways-from-high-point-market-sectional-interior-design-minneapolis.jpg five-top-real-life-take-aways-high-point-market.jpg

Pet-Friendly Homes 

Around 60% of US households have a dog or cat as a resident in their home.  And in general, we like to pamper our pets. We buy them gifts at Christmas and for their birthdays, in our house we even have a special dog appropriate birthday cake recipe. Both Dorel Home and James by Jimmy DeLaurentis had fabulous dog and cat beds.
Crypton performance fabrics have taken care of the practical side of pet-ownership. Another of the top take aways from High Point Market I noticed a few brands are upping the experience of our cats and dogs with luxury pet beds. Some are mid-century modern some more elegant.
How fun are these?
Top Take Aways from High Point Market-Mixed Materials #interiordesign #interiortrends #furniture #furnituretrends 5 Top Take Aways from High Point Market

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Comments on Five Top Take Aways From High Point Market-According to LiLu
  1. Donna Mancini says:

    Great post Lisa! I’m so glad you touched on ease of maintenance because so much really was about easy, comfortable living and ease of care. Enjoyed reading your takeaways!

  2. Shannon says:

    That demo was amazing! Thank you for this round up on who has graded in crypton. That’s a big problem solver!

  3. Angela Todd says:

    Such great education here! Thank you!

  4. Deborah Main says:

    Excellent post Lisa! Love the “cuddle corner” and how the furniture companies made it bigger. And Crypton fabric has always been a fave. Oh boy, are dogs going to live in style. Our dog Pepper would have loved those beds!!

  5. Mary Ann Benoit says:

    Love the idea of the cuddle corner and pet friendly designs. Guess that means it will be perfect for cuddling up with your fur baby:)

  6. Janet R Lorusso says:

    Great takeaways from your tour and a fun video demo of Crypton! Also, some of those dog beds are awesome!

  7. Sheri Bruneau says:

    This is a great post Lisa! I loved that you included the video of Crypton. It is such a great fabric and the video just goes to show how durable it is!
    I really enjoyed how you broke this up into sections: less maintenance, pet friendly, etc.

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