04 March, 2019

Tips for Designing a Contemporary Fireplace and TV Wall


Tips for Designing a Contemporary Fireplace and TV Wall

Our lower level remodel story continues today by looking at tips for designing a contemporary fireplace and tv wall. There are many challenges in combining a television and a fireplace on one wall, starting with creating an overall composition.
You can achieve this a few different ways.

  • Have the scale and proportion of both the fireplace and television relate and balance each other.
  • Create hierarchy by making one the focal point.
  • Hide the television out of view to make it accessible only when viewing.

Things to consider

With contemporary design the look is sleek and minimal so it is important to think of the whole wall as a composition. And lastly you need to consider the furniture arrangement. While fireplaces can be enjoyed peripherally, the television demands optimum seating. Arranging the furniture so everyone has a good view of the television makes for an inviting tv watching experience. Sectionals often work well especially in contemporary settings both functionally and aesthetically. Here is a sneak peek at the furniture plans, materials and concept for this contemporary fireplace and tv wall LiLu Interiors is designing.
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Floor Plan

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