11 September, 2021

Tim Harding – Meet the Maker

Tim Harding - Meet the Maker

It's time for our September edition of meet the maker, and this month, we're featuring artist Tim Harding. Harding works in fiber art,  a medium we're sure you'll want to know more about. Keep reading to find out more!

Fiber Art

At Lilu, we believe in living artfully. For some of us, living artfully means incorporating art into your home, in every possible way. You can include all different kinds of art in your home, as art does not begin and end with a canvas on a wall.
Fiber art is one way to incorporate art into your home that you might not expect. Tim Harding, our featured maker this month, is one fiber artist we are inspired by.

Tim Harding

We love Tim's work because it is soft and beautiful in a unique way. His work is also extremely versatile, and so it works in so many different interior spaces. We've used Tim's work many times in the past, and our clients love what his unique style brings to their spaces. Supporting local artists is one of our core values at Lilu, and Tim Harding is a local artist we love to support.
To learn more about Tim Harding, visit his website.

Method and Inspiration

Tim Harding says, about his work, "I want to create objects that reflect small moments of raw beauty in the natural world".
He's inspired by the impressionists, and it shows in his work. The fibers and textiles show distortions of light in the form of reflections and refractions, creating beautiful, impressionistic textiles that feel natural.
Harding's process involves a lot of layering. Creating the depth his textiles have requires this. Harding also uses a method called "simultaneous contrast" which involves packing multiple colors into close proximity.

Newest Series

We love Tim Harding's newest series, called "TidePool Series". Which is an extension of a larger water series he has done.
The inspiration behind the TidePool Series is the intimate human experience of bodies of water. Harding imagines walking on the beach, with the "warm sand and gentle, cool waves" lapping at your bare feet.

Art in Interiors

Is it clear how much we love local artist Tim Harding's work yet? Like we said, our clients love his work too, and we've used it in many of our client's homes.
Here are some photos featuring Harding's work in spaces we have designed. Enjoy!
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Comments on Tim Harding – Meet the Maker
  1. LINDA MERRILL says:

    Beautiful work! Thanks for the introduction to Tim Harding !

  2. Janet Lorusso says:

    What a great introduction! I love this option for art – Tim’s work is stunning!

  3. Mary Ann Benoit says:

    Wow, those are just fantastic. Love the colors and textures!

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