02 February, 2011

The Vertical and Horizontal Life of Metal

By Christina Winter, Allied Member ASID
Metal can be applied to many different types of surfaces.  It can create a focal piece in a living room applied to a fireplace mantle, make a statement in a kitchen as a countertop, or create an emphasis on columns in a space.  Today, there are many companies out there helping us to make the application of metal possible.
Chemetal which is a metal laminate manufacturer has over 100 different metal designs. You can use their products for countertops, vertical dividers, or an accent in a recessed ceiling.  See below for some of their innovative designs. crescendo pinkCresendo Pink
Noodle barNoodle Bar
frozen champange
Frozen Champange
Here are some inspiration photos of projects that have used Chemetal.  See more at their webstite at www.chemetal.com
Haworth Showroom, NYC
focal piece
Another company that manufacturers metal laminates is Octopus  The company uses Octo in all of their products as their motto is All great name use Octopus.  There is Octolam Metal, Octolam Plastics, Octolux Solid, Octolux Spektre, Octoart, Octoperf...well you get the idea. 
octolam 3octolam  1Copperoctolam
Join us tomorrow to explore the beauty of furniture in the world of metal!

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