16 March, 2009

The Next Big Thing

I read a quote for Pilar Viladas, the design editor of the The New York Times Magazine, on www.wowowow.com. She said, “What I really like about design, about good design, is that if you have things around you that are well-designed then you are not constantly looking for the next big thing.”
I have always believed in good design not trends. Over the years I have received phone calls from potential clients that say their home needs to be freshened up. When I arrive at some of these homes, I am pleasantly surprised to find that the client described their situation accurately. They are living in an environment that was well-designed by Bob Lennox, Mary McCarey or some other local, fabulous interior designer who has since retired or left us. They have furniture and architecture that has “good bones”. The choices they made 20 to 30 years before mean that they have had a great home to live in for years.
Time has taken it’s toll on fabrics and color schemes but they truly only need to reupholster the furniture frames and change out window, wall and floor coverings to have a wonderful home again.
I propose the the Next Big Thing should be a return to quality and investing in lasting environments as opposed to always moving on to the newest trend. At a time when there is growing concern about using all of our resources wisely, wouldn’t it be nice to know that when you are purchasing a sofa, table or chair that it may be with you for the next 30 or 40 years. It may need to be reupholstered or refinished after years of use but if it is designed well, built well and beautiful to look at, it will be lasting. What could be greener, what could make better long term sense. If you invest lasting large pieces you can have some fun and express your interest in the current trends with pillows, lamps, picture frames and other small accessories.

Take a look at these interiors some are from the 40's, 60's, or 70's, some are current. They are all chic.
For sources see: www.dorothydraper.com, www.architecturaldigest.com, www.dh1970.com;

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