30 October, 2013

The Makers Collection

By LuAnne Silvia, ASID
We recently had the privilege of visiting with Rachel Doriss, Vice President and Design Director for Pollack and hear first hand about the inspiration behind their newest collection of textiles, the Makers Collection.
Inspiration comes from many places. As designers we are often asked, Where do you get your inspiration from? "Anywhere and everywhere" doesn't seem to satisfy. A more specific and accurate reply is from people. Our clients. Artists. Colleagues. Vendors. Really, the best solutions come from a collaboration of ideas. People are so creative! Even the ones who think they aren't, and maybe especially those people. One of the best parts of my work (I say this about all aspects of my work really, it's all good!) is talking with people and learning what makes them tick. Seeing the spark, finding the fire within. Hearing about what they love and why.
Back to the Makers Collection. Pollack asked five artists in five disciplines to open up their studios. "Show us your craft, your process, your work! What makes you tick? What do you love?" And then they listened. And got excited. And a unique relationship developed. What a concept, bringing different artisans and the creative process together in thought to embark on an unknown journey. A two year collaboration between the textile designers of Pollack and a furniture designer, ceramicist, jeweler, glass blower and fashion designer was born.
To see their ideas unfold, take flight and result in a stunning, innovative collection of textiles we invite you to watch these videos starring Pollack and

Five Minute Video on the Makers Collection
Ten Minute Video on the Makers Collection
We are sure a peek into their fascinating world will leave you with the desire to create and trust in your own creative ideas!