30 March, 2010

The House I Grew Up In By Emily Anderson

My parents purchased this 1905 two-story in a small town in southern Minnesota when I was just 7 years old. I lived here until I went to college and my parents still own the home today. I love this house and the memories made here. It's a great old house, full of creaky floors and lovely details.
This home that I grew up in has strongly influenced my design sense. I truly grew up thinking most homes looked like the one I lived in - lead glass windows, antique light fixtures, built-in buffets, open staircases, full of old wallpaper with large scale floral patterns. Our old house was full of charm and provided a wonderful backdrop for my childhood. As kids, my two sisters and I would spend summer afternoons swinging on the front porch and winter evenings perched on the bench seats my parents had made for the hot-water radiators.
I fully appreciate a brand new home, full of today's amenities and built to accommodate our lifestyle. However, I never tire of old homes either. They have a story and a history that has stood the test of time. Old homes can either be re-invented to meet today's needs or the people who live in them can re-invent themselves to work in the house as it stands. Typically, it ends up a compromise. You trade closet space and small bathrooms for a front porch and original aged oak hardwood floors.
My husband and I live in a older home (1929) and I love its charm and quirkiness. I will forever be drawn to large scale wallcoverings in gaudy colors and someday hope to hunt for the perfect antique light fixture as well as my mom.
This is a current wallcovering from Thibaut used in the downstairs powder room.

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