10 November, 2009

The Forgotten – Mud Room

by Emily Anderson, Allied Member ASID
The Mud Room is typically the homeowner's entry. Have you ever thought about it this way before? A lot of thought, energy and money is often spent on the front entry. We want our guests to feel welcome and to have a good first impression of our home. Yet the place where we enter our home day after day is a room that is often pushed to the bottom of the "re-do" list. If designed well, the Mud Room can become a welcoming, functional space. If designed poorly, it can be the first overwhelming image we see when we walk in the door.
Imagine a mud room that includes a place for wet/dirty shoes and snow boots, hats and mittens, backpacks and bags, homework, mail, pet supplies, the kids' sports equipment, sunscreen and bugspray, gardening equipment, ice skates, skis, jackets and coats, the list is endless. This space should also welcome you and complement your home's aesthetic with finishes that are easy to maintain. Check out these rooms, where function meets beauty.
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Mudroom design by Renovation Design Group

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