09 November, 2009

The Forgotten – Laundry Room

By Emily Anderson, Allied Member ASID
Winter is fast approaching, or is it here already? Now begins the time of year when we embrace the indoors and begin to look around the house that has been used as a pass-thru to the backyard over the last few months. As we all snuggle in for a long, cold winter, LiLu Interiors would like to draw your attention to "THE FORGOTTEN." We have identified five spaces in the home that are often starving for attention. These spaces are the central hubs of the home and if their design does not support you, it can lead to mega frustration and a quick onset of cabin fever!
This week we will talk about the Laundry Room, the Mud Room, Closets, the Kitchen Pantry and the Garage.
Imagine a Laundry Room that fully supports you. A place to fold, a place to pre-treat, a place for dirty and clean, darks and lights,  appliances that conserve energy and get clothes shiny clean and all in a room that is beautiful to look at.  Imagine a laundry room that you love! It does sound like a dream, but this kind of laundry room does exist and it could be yours.
LiLu designed this beautiful laundry room in unison with a kitchen remodel. Since the house was under construction anyway, it made sense to freshen up the laundry. The finished space feels fresh and clean with plenty of storage and counter space.
Final photos 008
Laundry is a fact of life, in fact, more "life" typically means more laundry. You might as well make it a space you enjoy being in.

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