03 September, 2015

Sustainable Furnishings: According to LiLu

Sustainable Furnishings

On Monday's Peek at a Project, you were able to take a look inside of a Net-Zero Energy home that LiLu has had the opportunity to collaborate on with the homeowners, the architect and the builder.  The urban design, landscaping, site location, exterior materials, interior finishes, lighting, furniture frames and fabrics have all been selected with sustainability and green features in mind.  Today, we take a closer look at a few of the furniture and fabric lines that we used in the Kitchen and the Dining room of the home.  Davis Furniture, Andreu World, Pollack and Carnegie are a few lines we researched to integrate into our clients' home.  All of them have beautiful stories to tell about how they got where they are today.  They are innovative companies who continue to push the limits and expand the world of sustainability and making it easier for all of us to make these choices.
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