01 March, 2010

Sure Cure for Cabin Fever

By Lisa Peck
Could I buy a Harley and hit the road? Go to sit on a beach for a few weeks? Chuck everything and move to Hawaii? These are the thoughts that plague Minnesotans at this time of year. This year I suspect that cabin fever has turned into an almost nation-wide pandemic as large parts of the country have had record shattering weather.
What if you could spare your family the trials of cabin fever next year? You could be cast in the role of hero to family and friends by coming up with a solution to this problem. Imagine the glowing  admiration that would be yours if you could offer more than the temporary relief offered by a caribbean getaway or the fleeting hope of  that open road in the spring.
What if your little shack was so well appointed and offered you such a  sense of respite that you wanted to be there? Looked forward to being trapped inside? That's right....a well designed home may be the cure for what ails you. Join us this week as we explore homes you wouldn't want to leave.


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