24 September, 2015

According to LiLu: Does Your Home Hug You?

Support and Intention

When you need a little support in your life, what's better than a hug? More than kind words a hug can let you know you are cared for and that you matter. So when a client summed up how she felt about her new interior by saying "My home never hugged me before and now it does" I was pleased as punch. At LiLu Interiors part of our mission is to have everyone's home hug them because hugs are important.  The question to ask yourself is what kind of hug do you most love? Think about the kind of hug you would like to greet you at the end of each day and start to build the interior of your home around it. Bear hug, comforting hug, a friendly hug, a welcoming hug or a snuggle in and stay awhile hug, what kind of hug do you want your home to give you?
your home should hug you-LiLu Interiors
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