11 August, 2010

Summer Camp at Open Book

By LuAnne Silvia, ASID
Week two of adult summer camp we attended class at The Minnesota Center for Book Arts. What an exciting place it is! Everything is centered around a passion for all things related to books: paper making, writing, letter press printing, bookbinding. Our class was structured with such a mix including the hands on art activities, fascinating history lesson, and walking tour of the open studios that it was engaging from start to finish. We learned about:

  • The history of marble paper and how to make it
  • The history of the building and it's tenants
  • The architectural firm's design concept for the remodel while we toured the building (for interior designers, this was a bonus!)
  • AND we got to create our own marble paper and bound journal

The process of creating marble paper has such immediate results it was fascinating to watch the designs develop before your eyes. We tried several techniques including a stone design, traditional marble pattern and a peacock design. See photos below...
Welcome to classphoto 29
Step one: Dropping the dye into the tray of water to create the designphoto 21
Step two: placing your paper into the tray to transfer the design and lifting the paper from the trayphoto 31
Step three: The finished stone designphoto 27
photo 28
Step four: Rinsing the paperphoto 18
Step five: Papers hung to dryphoto 24
Step six: Removing the old design with newspaperphoto 22
Starting a new design, raking a traditional marble patternphoto 20
photo 23
The traditional marble design as it appears in the trayphoto 3
Transfering the design on to the paperphoto 26
The finished marble designphoto 39
Using a chopstick to create a peacock designphoto 13
A finished peacock designphoto 2
Using our marble paper as the front and back cover, assembling our journals photo 35
n 096
Our bound journals wrapped in marble papern 099
To learn more check out their website at www.mnbookarts.org

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