10 August, 2010

Summer Camp at Northern Clay Center

By Christina Winter, Allied Member ASID

It was our first week of camp and the anticipation was growing as the work day carried on.  Northern Clay Center was the destination for the night.  For me, I was ready to get my hands dirty and begin creating.  Our counselor was upbeat and extremely knowledgeable and she dove right in to class.  We soon learned of our projects:  First, an elbow pot (which sounds exactly like what it is) and second a noise maker that can also translate as a decorative bird, fish or anything else you envision up.

We got started and for me I began to remember the ups and downs of clay.  We started making  pots by laying the clay on our elbows and gently patting around until the clay turned into a deep bowl.  For extra fun and to add some more detail we attached bases and then if we desired added other elements to make it aesthetically pleasing.  Last step was to paint the clay and then it was taken to be fired in the kiln.

The most intriguing part of the process was how each one was different and unique to the person who created it.  Enjoy the photos of the process and our works of art at the end.



clay 1

clay 2

clay 3

clay 4IMG_1618


clay 6

clay 5


christinaNew Image


Clay finished pieces

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