01 February, 2010

Studio Settled

by Lisa Peck
Now that LiLu Interiors has been in our space at IMS for a few months we feel truly at home, settled in. The excitement of being at International Market Square hasn't faded as we have made our new space into our studio home. It's great for us to have a home that matches our personality, our energy, our excitement. This year is IMS's 25th anniversary. An established center of the design scene in the Twin Cities, IMS is a hub of creativity offering the newest products for home design, informational seminars for designers, architects and homeowners and continues to attract new showrooms and products each year.
When we enter the building each day the energy is palpable. From the light streaming into the atrium of the building, to the creative people who greet us each day it is a pleasure for us to arrive. As we get to work in our new studio, we are enjoying the collaborative space where we gather to brain storm, design and consult each other. Today we are offering a short tour of our office for your inspiration.  Throughout this week experience International Market Square through a designers eyes and see the things we continue to find inspiring and energizing about our new home.

LiLu photos 010

Welcome to LiLu Interiors Suite 546. Pictured above is our LiLu design team: Lisa Peck, ASID, Emily Anderson, Allied Member ASID, LuAnne Silvia, ASID and Christina Winter. Christina is our newest team member, her role is Assistant Interior Designer.

LiLu photos 004

LiLu photos 006

LiLu photos 002

LiLu photos 009

Each of our designers has a private office space where they can think, organize, and document their designs. We all tack up things we find inspiring. Materials, photos or drawings that will spur thought, allow us to keep our  minds percolating with new and innovative ideas surround us in our space.

LiLu photos 005


Our collaborative work space is full of white counters and tables for spreading out materials, product cut sheets and putting together all the pieces for a clients kitchen, bath, or home. Frequently, we meet with clients in this area so they can review every material for an entire project in one sweeping presentation.


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