14 February, 2023

Steam Therapy for a Better Healthier You-Mr. Steam

If you are a regular LiLu Interiors blog reader, you know we focus on well-being at home. Why? Because if attending to your well-being is easy to do right at home you are more likely to benefit. Today we are focusing on steam therapy for a better, healthier you.

When you are thinking about self-care, I encourage you to think daily, instead of something you schedule at the spa once a month or do on a vacation. See more on designing daily wellness into your home here. During the past few years, I’ve added more self-care into my daily routine, and I have seen great results, I am sleeping better and feel less stressed. A daily self-care routine means you are less likely to get depleted and need to refill you tank from zero. Having a Mr. Steam steam shower at home will benefit you in multiple ways.

Physical Health and Steam Therapy

Alleviating muscle soreness is an area that steam therapy can improve your physical health. I know this firsthand because I was sore after walking on concrete floors at #KBIS. I have been recovering from a bulging disc in my lower back and it is a regular occurrence for me to have tense muscles in that area after walking long distances. I was please to discover that after experiencing steam therapy at our spa night, the knot I had in my muscles had disappeared. I left feeling refreshed.

Poor circulation is associated with multiple health problems and studies have shown steam therapy can help improve your circulation by dilating small blood vessels and increasing blood flow throughout your body. Good circulation helps you your cardiovascular system flush out waste and free radicals and reduces inflammation throughout your body. Health as we all know is a necessity, not a luxury.

In addition, steam can help improve your lung health and relief bronchial symptoms when you are ill. We’ve probably all hunched over a steaming pot of water at some point in our lives to treat cold and allergy symptoms. Steam therapy is a holistic way to open airways and increase blood oxygenation and improve overall health. Yes! Use steam therapy for a better healthier you.

Steam Therapy for a Better Healthier You-steam shower
Steam Therapy For A Better Healthier You

Steam Therapy For A Better Healthier You

Mental Health and Steam Therapy

Today’s world is fast-paced and steam therapy is one tool you can use to reduce stress. There are many ways a Mr. Steam shower can improve your mental health. Steam therapy can trigger mood-elevating hormones, such as serotonin, aldosterone and endorphins and reduces anxiety.

In addition, the steam shower is a place to all the distractions of the world and let your mind be quiet. This type of tranquility will reduce negative hormones such as cortisol and reduce the flight or fight response a stressful day can create.

Steam therapy can also contribute to you getting a good night’s sleep which contributes to your resiliency and ability to go out into the world and be the best parent, leader, volunteer etc. that you can be.



Steam Therapy For A Better Healthier You

Steam Therapy for a Better Healthier You-wet room

Steam Therapy and Aging Well

Our country is getting older, which means an increase in peoples focus on aging well. The desire to be healthy, age well and stay in your own home is a strong trend. To thrive, older adults need need to address 7 areas of well-being, including emotional, cognitive health, physical health, vocational, social and spiritual health.

Steam therapy is an ideal tool for addressing multiple concerns of aging well. Steam can help you age well by keeping your joints limber, your skin hydrated, improve your sleep, relieve stress and even slow down the aging process by regulating gene expression of HSP70 a ene known for it’s anti-inflammatory effects.

Not only is steam therapy for a better, healthier you now. It can aid you in living a longer healthier life.

See more at Mr. Steam.

Steam Therapy For A Better Healthier You



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Steam Therapy for a Better Healthier You-PIN

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