18 January, 2012


by Ally Evander, Allied Member, ASID
At LiLu, we start every Monday with a staff meeting. This gives us a chance to think about the things we need to accomplish that week and strategize about how to get it all done. We end every meeting with inspiration. A member of the LiLu Team shares a video, poem, or a story to inspire us and give us energy for the week.
This week, LuAnne, our resident guru of inspiration (she is always sharing things gathered from "O" magazine) inspired us all by bringing in a calendar by Suzy Toronto and giving a page to each of us for daily motivation.
LuAnne gave this page to Lisa and it is close to becoming our motto at LiLu:

This was my favorite page:

This is a good reminder for anyone who leads a busy life and has difficulty finding time for whats important to them. The first thing that comes to my mind when I hear "start living" is my personal goal for 2012; to design my own space to look like a designer lives there! It may surprise you, but most designers I know wouldn't want to show you their home if their life depended on it! Having a home that is thoughtfully designed to reflect the personality of the person/people who live there is something that often gets brushed aside with the hectic lifestyle we all lead. If your goal for 2012 is to live in a space you love, don't let another day go by without doing something about it! LiLu would love to help!
As Suzy says, "Let go of the chaos and choose to fully embrace every minute of your life. Proclaim today as your day and this very instant as your moment for the taking."
Check out SuzyToronto.com for more inspiration!