20 April, 2009

Spring Inspires

Here in the frozen north we are just now seeing the signs of spring. The grass is turning green and with spring comes a sense of renewal. I find myself looking at everything with fresh eyes. As nature effortlessly transforms our outdoor environment, we all feel a new energy.
That new energy can translate into looking at our indoor environment with new eyes and wanting it to reflect the changes outside. Throughout winter our landscape is gray, white, beige and bland. With spring color returns to the landscape; green grass, budding leaves, frozen lakes that reflect interesting shades of blue and eventually we will see the full bloom of color. I often think about how the return of color to our landscape lifts peoples spirits and gives people the energy to pursue new endeavors.
It inspires me to use color in designing interiors and to think about how the color combinations in our natural landscape inspire the best color schemes. When the colors in your interior are inspired by nature they will be lasting colors that you will not tire of. Think of  your favorite vacation spot or the beauty of your favorite animal or natural object. These can all be great starting points to think about using color in your home.






Look through your vacation photos, page through a photography book or best yet step right outside your door and become inspired to have a fresh energy, approach and think about adding colors found in nature to your interior.

Please watch Kare 11 News at 4 pm today to hear Lisa present more about color, paint and how to use them in your interiors.

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