27 March, 2017

Spring Break: Designing A Collage Wall-Incorporate Artwork From Your Travels Into Your Home

Pro Tips for Designing a Collage WallSpring is officially here and it is that time of year again - spring break, when the airports are buzzing with many travelers heading to all kinds of destinations for some fun in the sun. Many of LiLu Interiors clients find great joy in the hunt for the perfect piece of artwork to bring back a treasured memory from their travels.

As interior designers, we invite the opportunity to incorporate artwork from our clients travels as another layer of creating a truly unique and personal interior. Read on to find out what question we are asked the most by our clients before they embark on their travels and what tip we have for creating a collage.
The most important thing in searching for the perfect treasure to bring home while on vacation is scale. What size should the artwork be for this wall? How big should the object be for this shelf? Scale is a key element in interior design and creating an overall composition. We can help you identify key areas in your home to incorporate artwork and what scale it should be.
It is easy to fall in love with a fabulous piece of art on vacation and knowing ahead of time what size will work in your space will help you decide what to appreciate while you are there and what to buy and bring home. Here is a peek at some projects that LiLu Interiors helped incorporate several pieces of artwork from our clients travels.
Designing A Photo Collage Wall
If you have a large wall it might be challenging to find the right scale of artwork on your vacation and potentially even more challenging to have it shipped home. In that case a collage of several pieces of artwork is a great solution. Designing a collage wall can be challenging. LiLu Interiors can create a composition to include artwork from many different places of many different sizes. The visual impact of a collage wall makes an interesting focal point and great topic of conversation.
Designing a Collage Wall
Designer tips: Plan ahead for great results! Tape paper to the wall to create your collage, draw the collage to scale before you pick up a nail or lay out all pieces on the floor first to create a pleasing composition.