13 January, 2016

Spark Joy!

by Ally Evander, Allied Member ASID
The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.... I cannot stop thinking about this book by Marie Kondo. The title keeps repeating in my head. Then there is the follow up book, titled Spark Joy. Disclaimer- I haven't read either book yet. BUT just reading what they're about tells me that the overall idea is completely in line with what we are all about here at LiLu. No, we're not necessarily about having a fanatically clean house at all times. (But wouldn't that be nice?) We are all about INTENTIONAL LIVING and surrounding yourself with things that BRING JOY INTO YOUR LIFE.
Cleanliness and order are a part of intentional living for most people. When we design a kitchen for you with ample storage that is specifically tailored to house the everyday and specialty items that enrich your life, it makes organization easier. When we create a space plan for your new construction home or remodel, we design out daily irritants such as not having room for coats and shoes in an entry way or a bathroom that isn't easily shared by multiple family members. Isn't that what we all want, more EASE?
And aren't we all striving for a home that is filled only with things that BRING JOY? That means beauty along with all that function. But not just one-size fits-all generic beauty. Beauty that is a reflection of you and your family. We are experts at making intentional living and joy-filled spaces attainable for our clients. And achieving that lofty goal for our clients in turn brings us joy.

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