07 January, 2015

Space Planning Solutions

By Christina Rymer, Allied Member ASID
Representing the style and interior design ideas of LiLu Interiors – Minneapolis, MN and North Carolina studios
On Monday, we showed you a peek a project for a family living room.  The project involves a remodel of their main level that includes the Kitchen, Living Room, Dining Room and Office.  As we gathered input from our clients about the why, what, where and how we dove in and starting sketching space plans of their entire level and all the different ways it could be more functional for them as a family.  When you work with us we give you options, we discuss the pros and cons of each one and together we come up with the best solution for your space.  Many times space plans are combined and re-configured based on feed back from our clients.  We listen to your needs, concerns and excitement and then propose the best solution.  Once a space plan is decided on we begin to develop elevations.  These can have any where from 2-4 options based on function and what is taking place in the space.  Below are 4 options for each space for this project's main level.  We love collaborating with our clients and we are so thrilled for the direction this project took.
Have you thought about how your home can function better for you, your spouse, your children...even your pet?  LiLu would love to help you solve your space plan issues in your home and find our Your Why!