08 September, 2021

Sophisticated Dining Room Design – Peek at a Project

Sophisticated Dining Room: Before

This week's peek at a project features a dining room transformation. To start with, our client's space had many great assets. There was nice wainscoting, lots of natural light, and sconces the client really liked. In addition, our client already had a classic dining table they wanted to keep and lots of collected art that tells their story. To create a dining room that reflects the people it belongs to, we wanted to keep these things in mind while redesigning.
To create the sophisticated dining room design that our client wanted, we had to improve a few aspects of the space. For one, the storage for dishes and flatware was lacking, and in a low, awkward, and hard-to-reach cabinet. Also, the room did not flow well with the dining room. The two rooms were not a match in style or color palette. To create a dining room that flowed with the living room we designed years ago, some changes had to be made.
Our client's biggest wish was a great ambiance - a dining space where guests would want to linger. Read on to see how we created this!
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To fix the storage issues in this sophisticated dining room, we chose to use the vertical space above the radiators to display china and serving pieces. We also used lighting on the upper cabinets to show off their collection. This couple loves to entertain in a more formal, traditional way, so they use their fine china often. Having it on display fits perfectly with their lifestyle and personalities. The top of this storage can be used as a serving surface, helping the flow of entertaining in the room.
Adding to the built-in, we decided to include built-in storage between the radiators for tableware and linens, fixing one of our client's core issues with the room. Overall, the design of the built-in creates the illusion that it has always been in the home, helping the sophisticated vibe this room is going for.

Material Palettes

When choosing materials for this sophisticated dining room, we wanted to use the same blues, oranges, and neutrals that are used in the living room. So, blue is the main color in the palette. We are using blue wall coverings and window treatments to show off the white wainscoting and white built-ins. The contrast also helps highlight all the millwork in the room.
The vibe of the room mimics the same classic, slightly preppy vibe as the living room, with just a few unexpected touches, like the orange tape trim on the back of each blue dining chair. The classic brass accents flow with the older home, and a beautiful damask rug completes the space, keeping it cozy and sophisticated.
Sophisticated Dining Room Blog copy

Window Treatments

For the window treatments, we had many considerations to make. We thought about roman shades for the window between the built-ins to add color, pattern, and softness but keep the emphasis on the millwork. We wanted to choose a pattern and color that created a bit of an enveloping feeling with the blue walls, to craft the exact atmosphere our client wanted in their sophisticated dining room.
Finally, the question became whether to choose a roman shade on the perpendicular window, or to go with a one-way draw drapery. To help decide, we did rough computer rendering, helping our client visualize the difference between the two options.
Excuse the mess on the table! We took these photos during a busy design meeting.
SophisticatedDiningWindow1 SophisticatedDiningWindow2

Sophisticated Dining Room - Conclusion

We're still working on this sophisticated dining room design, so you'll have to stay tuned for the big reveal. Expect a post revealing the finished room in about three months!
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Comments on Sophisticated Dining Room Design – Peek at a Project
  1. Leslie Carothers says:

    I’ll be looking forward to seeing which window treatment option your client chose, Lisa. I would go for the panel with a draw….but if they have pets with claws [ also known as cats ] I can see why they might opt for the roman shade. Either way, I know it will be beautiful once you’re finished!

  2. Mary Ann Benoit says:

    Great selections, and look forward to seeing the transformation, which I am sure will be beautiful, as always.

  3. Janet Lorusso says:

    That built in is such a great solution, Lisa! It solves the storage issues and creates even more architectural interest at the same time! Beautiful color palette too – can’t wait to see the finished room!

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