03 November, 2019

Small Gems of High Point Market-According to LiLu


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After participating in Design Bloggers Tour at the 2019 Fall High Point Market, sponsored by Esteem Media and High Point Market Authority, we have some great advices for you! When you plan your next trip to market don't just visit your existing vendors and resources.
Take a look at some of the small gems of High Point Market that you can find in Interhall and at the Salon or at off the beaten path locations like Zoe Bios.
Thanks to the insightful planning of the tour..we didn't miss out! And now we are sharing these hidden gems with you!

Hubbardton Forge

The interior designers out there may think of Hubbardton Forge as a lighting line that has a craftsman or prairie bent but think again. The designers at Hubbardton Forge have been busy designing new lighting fixtures that combine the hand-forged metal they are known for with the newest in LED technology.
David Kitts, one of the product designers from Hubbardton Forge, took us on a tour of their small  but impactful showroom. I loved hearing about this custard cup fixture. The glass part of the fixture, is indeed made from an old custard cup mold. You can see it, right? The fixture is electrified by a wire rail at each end and lit with an LED source. The glass fixtures are easily moved up and down the rails making the fixture flexible.
Pressed glass was also found in this modern round sconce. The effervescent glass would create a magical moment in any space. This showroom was indeed a small gem of High Point Market.

Daniel Stuart Studio

Meeting Daniel Stuart of Daniel Stuart Studio was fun! A showman who is devoted to his design. Daniels line of luxury washable bedding and soft goods for the home is thoughtfully designed. Made in Canada and available in the U. S.
Duvets and duvet covers are sized so they always look full and well-tailored. He has shams that are as tall as euro shams but wide enough for two to feel perfect on a king bed (inserts that are the correct size are available.
Custom touches like trim and mini-flanges are available making the complete line feel high-end and custom at a semi-custom price. Right now his showroom is in Texas. I'm hoping after market we will see his line pop-up across the country.


The small gems of High Point Market may occupy small spaces but they can deliver big style. This was the case with Sifas, a chic outdoor furniture line from France. Sifas in headquartered in Miami in the U.S.
The weaving they use is unique and has the look of a twisted rope that has been woven. Is UV resistant and low maintenance. Designers will love the fact that you can customize the colors of the weave to create a look unique to your client.
Small Gems of High Point Market #interiordesign #hpmkt #outdoor #furniture

Windy O'Connor

I was aware of artist Windy O'Connor's Chicas paintings from Instagram. What I didn't know is how absolutely charming Windy would be. She and her staff were so passionate about both the artful home decorating products they make and their quest to make their line more and more sustainable.
The Chicas are available as original art, prints, pillows and decorative trays so the inspired, powerful faces can fit into any budget. Windy's abstract art is available as wall covering, fabric and pillows.
I was bowled over...I highly recommend you take a further look at this small gem of High Point market by visiting her website.

Blue Print Store

Blue Print store is a beautiful gallery of original art in Dallas, Texas established by five interior designer. Not satisfied with the furniture they were finding available on the market for their projects, they designed their own small line of furniture that feels both familiar and fresh.
They have taken classic pieces and pared back the details to create truly timeless pieces of furniture. They include both stained furniture and painted.
The furniture is useable and sure to become a family heirloom.
Their on line store features prints and home accessories so you can bring their curated style into your home.

Dome Deco

The European lifestyle brand Dome Deco offers every thing for the home from furniture to accessories. An urban chic look was presented with everything from sofas, chairs and case pieces along with candles, vessels, and lighting.
Each season Dome Deco identifies a mood that will resonate with the urban dweller today. This market they introduced "authentic" "essential" and "seductive".
Across the trends mixed materials reflected a warm contemporary style.
smallgems10psd smallgems7

James by Jimmy DeLaurentis

This line showed one trend we saw across market this season, a dichotomy of color. Bold gold, and blush pink. Color as a statement. Jimmy was a one-of-a-kind and so is his look. Old world Hollywood Glamour in bold color. He is a passionate designer who is remarkably down to earth. Check out his line here.

Smith Honig

Travel inspired and gorgeous this line of fabrics, wall papers and home accessories was a show stopper. Their most recent collection Ravenswood is inspired by the country homes of England and Scotland.
The entire line is a bold and beautiful feast for the maximalist aesthete. If you aren't embracing maximalism for your home...there are always their travel bags. Check out Smith Honig now.

More Small Gems of High Point Market

One of our favorite showrooms at Interhall is another representative of our theme Small Gems of High Point market...and one of our favorite makers. We wrote an entire blog post just about Dunes and Duchess
If you are a designer don't miss them in Interhall the next time you visit!
IMG_1061 Small Gems of High Point Market #interiordesign #interiorideas #hpmkt #designbloggerstour IMG_1061 Small Gems of High Point Market #interiordesigner #lighting #furniture #hpmkt #trends #2019

Comments on Small Gems of High Point Market-According to LiLu
  1. Linda Merrill says:

    Thanks for the insiders tour of these unique vendors and artists Lisa!

  2. Deborah Main says:

    Since I don’t attend High Point, I really appreciated your wrap up of hidden gems. Am familiar with Daniel Stuart and Windy Oconner, but not the others. Eager to check out many of them. Thank you for the resources. Great photos!

  3. Janet R Lorusso says:

    Love love love the custard cup lights from Hubbardton! Thanks for the insider tour, Lisa!

  4. Mary Ann Benoit says:

    Love the Smith Honig! Thanks for sharing! It’s really nice for those of us that were not there.

  5. Leslie Carothers says:

    Hi Lisa:
    Thanks for the great wrap up of all these *hidden gem* vendors you discovered as a result of being part of the Design Bloggers Tour.
    I especially love Smith Honig.. a vendor I didn’t know anything about until seeing them on these wrap up posts.
    And… the Hubbarton Forge line of lighting is SO exquisite. They have a much larger showroom at Lightovation, where they show their entire line, and when I saw it there, I just fell head over heels in love. What a beautiful line..and company…headed by a woman, too!

  6. Shannon says:

    Love that Chicas product line. Thanks for that info. Fantastic round up!

  7. Robin Maria Pedrero says:

    Oh I am so thrilled with your selected highlights. I live in Dallas and I must get to the Blue Print Store.

  8. Sheri Bruneau says:

    What a fabulous breakdown Lisa! I loved learning about all of these companies – especially Daniel Stewart Studio!

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