12 February, 2022

Small Bathroom Ideas with Personality Plus – According to Lilu

According to LiLu: Small Bathroom Ideas with Personality Plus

Many homes have smaller bathrooms, and some homeowners think this is a death sentence for creating the perfect bathroom. I think otherwise! Having a small bathroom doesn't mean you have to forego amenities, function, or beauty. Keep reading to get some small bathroom ideas for designing something beautiful within limitations.

Vintage Vibe Bathroom

In this small bath, we designed in ways to make the best use of the space, including

  • a free standing bathtub our clients desired,
  • much needed storage,
  • and a fully vanity with more countertop space.

To add beauty to this bathroom, we created

  • a floral mosaic wall tile (which is also practical! It protects the walls from splashing!),
  • a bold combination of blue tile on the adjacent wall,
  • a beautiful stone herringbone tile that also enlarges the space visually,
  • and lots of other pretty touches throughout!

This is a gorgeous bathroom that proves size isn't preventative of having a beautiful and functional bathroom!
Vintage1 Vintage2 Vintage3 Vintage4

Charming Ensuite

In another small bath, all that was needed was simply an update. We kept the original floor plan, including storage, a vanity, and a small, but practical shower.
With the update on this small bathroom, we designed in a lot of features intended to add beauty to the space, including

  • larger scale floor tiles, which actually visually trick the eye to make the space look much larger,
  • large scale, but softly colored wallpaper,
  • and a pop of luxury in the accent tile in the shower.

We also updated all the plumbing and lighting fixtures in this bath, and used a clear shower door to make the space appear larger. If you're looking for small bathroom ideas when updating a space, strategies that add beauty and the illusion of size simultaneously are great!
Ensuite1 Ensuite2 Ensuite3 Ensuite4 Ensuite5

Be Bold!

A great overall strategy for small bathroom ideas is to be bold! Boldness in a small space creates a feeling of luxury and freedom despite what the size of a space may communicate.
Take a look at these small powder rooms that are so frequently tucked into an odd space in older homes. Use these spaces as inspiration to use bold ideas, wall paper, and color for your small bathroom!
Bold1 Bold2 Bold3 Bold4 Bold6 pin this 1 Cream Photo Homemakers Pinterest Graphic

Comments on Small Bathroom Ideas with Personality Plus – According to Lilu
  1. Leslie Carothers says:

    Hi Lisa ~ These are all great ideas for small bathrooms, especially that tiny corner sink! And I love how you used wallpaper to add a punch of wow that visually expanded many of these small spaces. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Linda Holt says:

    I love this post! Our powder room is only 3.5’ x 4.5’…crazy small! I’m planning on going bold and this post gave me a few great ideas!

  3. Janet Lorusso says:

    That accent tub wall of mosaic tile in the vintage bath is spectacular!! And I LOVE a bold wallpaper statement in a powder room – such gorgeous ideas here…that pink and orange toile is my fave, and love what you did with the pocket size powder room with the corner sink.

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