22 June, 2024

Coastal-Inspired Sitting Room Renovation for Empty Nesters

,While summer may be a busy time for many, I have always enjoyed the most serene moments of summer the most. As the weather warms, I have been enjoying reminiscing on previous summers. Which is why, for this week's blog, I wanted to feature a project that reminds me of the serenity of a slow summer morning.

This sitting room renovation is an example of how our homes can complement our lifestyles. Through this renovation, our clients created a sanctuary in their home, where every detail comes together to create the vibe of the space.


A Quiet Spot for Two

Our clients on this project had a sitting room as part of their master suite that, while beautiful, no longer fit their lifestyle as empty nesters. A large sectional sofa with seating for multiple people was no longer needed, and a sitting room renovation was in order to create a quiet spot for two.

They had a busy household, with people always coming and going to work on the house or garden. They knew they wanted a quiet retreat in the middle of the hustle and bustle where they could enjoy television, audiobooks, one of our client's beautiful needlework hobby, or simply some quiet conversation in a more intimate setting.

We were partially inspired by the idea of a pajama lounge - which, according to this article from House Beautiful, have been a big trend in the past few years. The idea of a coastal inspired jewel-box room also guided this design. The cozy size of this space wouldn't limit the richness of the style, engulfing you in the mood the moment you enter the door.

We first explored options for each element in the space and then finalized our drawings and selections based on our clients preferences.


Design and Layout

There were so many existing elements of this room that we wanted to retain during the renovation process, especially because we had redone the space a decade prior, and our clients still identified with many of the elements brought in during that first remodel.

One example was the fireplace which featured beautiful handmade tile. This still perfectly matched our client's vision for their space. The architectural trim and v-groove paneling were keepers for this sitting room renovation.

Creating the foundation of the room began with flipping the space plan. The new layout included a built-in with LED lighting where our client could display things she had picked up on her travels, crystals, art pieces, and other objects that hold memories and inspire conversations. The built-in shelving also included a space where a large Samsung Frame TV could be hung, offering the option to enjoy tv or movies without compromising on the calm effect of the space.

Coastal Color Palette

The color palette was coastal-inspired, starting with a lovely shade of cream as the main color. Next, wallpaper in soft shades of greens, blues, and lavender on the back of the built-in shelves added depth and color.

We stuck to a neutral paint for the walls. This lightened the wood considerably and added to the cozy coastal vibe of this sitting room renovation.

Introducing Curves and Organic Elements

We used arabesque rugs to add curves to the lines of the space, amplifying the room's softness and flow.  Additionally, the pre-existing outdoor sliding door was replaced with a French door with an arch, an element found elsewhere in our client's home. Repeating some architectural details helps create a cohesive design. For more on this, check out our recent blog post on creating flow between spaces in your home.

To maintain the coastal theme of this sitting room renovation we added some organic elements, like textural sconces with branch-like designs.


When the time came to finalize the space with furnishings, we went for a classic, personal look. The perfect setup for this cozy sitting room was two classic, scooped armchairs, a little ottoman, and two sweet side tables on either side.

This sitting room remodel for two empty nesters transformed an underused space into a functional serene retreat. By focusing on creating flow, retaining charming architectural features, and introducing elegant coastal elements, the space not only met our client's needs and enhanced their enjoyment of their home, providing a sanctuary for years to come.


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  1. Janet Lorusso says:

    ooooh! I love all these elements – and I am absolutely swooning over that scalloped ottoman! What a perfect retreat this is going to be!

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