25 February, 2015

Sitting in a cast-off chair? What it Might be doing to YOU!

By Lisa Peck, ASID
Representing the style and design ideas of LiLu Interiors - Minneapolis, MN and North Carolina studios
I confess, my children watch TV. Mira is a fan of The Middle. Last week we were all caught up in the story of Sue and Darren. Would she or wouldn't she agree to marriage. When we watched the episode my thoughts, as my thoughts often do, turned to interior design. I am on a mission to have people think more deeply about how their home environment effects them. Imagine the life they want, and create the space for it. The Heck's lead a chaotic life and their home reflects it. Chicken and egg…hard to tell but this episode explores one small way their decor choices might be affecting their family.

One of the problems that plaques the Heck's is that their youngest, Brick, has social problems. He whoops, whispers, and generally fails to relate to others in what the rest of the cast would call a "normal" way. He is growing up and wanting to leave his ticks and awkwardness behind. He enlists his older brother, Axl, to help. They try behavior modification, negative reinforcement, and in the end, land on the theory that it is Brick's chair at the kitchen table that has made him feel less than, an outsider and created a need for attention. The family had a dining set before Brick was born. Busy life led to no sitting and eating at the table. By the time they decide to reinstate the family meal, the simplest solution was to pull a lawn chair into the kitchen. Sitting on the lawn chair is suggested to have increased Brick's quirkiness. Quirky, after-thought chair equals quirky kid who feels like an after-thought? Not hard to imagine.
Like all entertainment, exaggerating a point leads to laughs but I deeply believe your environment can support the life you want or hinder you in reaching your highest potential. Look around your home and ask yourself "Does it support your life?" If not, take action. Paint a room a color that brings you joy. Replace the furniture that makes your back hurt. I could go on and on but mainly I urge you to TAKE ACTION. Small change, big project…you decide. Call LiLu Interiors if you need help creating space for the life you want to lead.