15 May, 2012

Showcases full of talent + Blogfest countdown

By Lisa Peck. ASID
As designers, we are also design fans. I look forward to seeing work by others and appreciating different points of view and creative expression. This next week will be full of opportunities for me. First, I will be going to the ASID MN Showcase Home which opens in Minneapolis on May 19th. Then when in New York (for Blogfest 2012) LuAnne and I will be seeing the Elle Decor Modern Concept House days before it is open to the public.
I am sure both will be inspiring. Just the way each designer has expressed their vision for the space they are doing in each house is inspiring. Here's a taste of what you will see if you visit.

From ASID MN Showcase House 2012

Sketches by the designers of the Elle Decor Modern Concept House in New York City.

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