08 February, 2019

Shop the Look of the Day- Healthy Home Cleaning Products for Intentional Clean and Safe Living

Healthy Home Cleaning Products for Intentional Clean and Safe Living is our Shoppable Look of the Day.  On Wednesday, we discussed why you should make the switch healthier home cleaning products and how to get started.  Read the blog here.  

Why Again?

Switching your cleaning products is vital to our health.  Why is this so?  It is important because what we spray, put on our surfaces, in our water to clean our home is released out into our air and we breathe it in and exposed to our skin.  There are no laws or regulations on what is put out on the shelves when it comes to our cleaning products which ultimately leaves us the consumer 100% responsible for researching, reading the labels and buying safer products. Trust us, we think this is a problem too!

Our top suggestions

Below are some of our favorite cleaning products that we use in our homes. We made it easy with links to each.  Yes, at no cost to you they are affiliate and we may receive a commission but our ultimate goal is for you to have a safer, healthier home.

Our Top Healthier Home Cleaning Products

Seventh Generation: A B-Corp doing exactly what it's name represents.  "We Consider Our Products’ Entire Life Cycle, And Work To Minimize Our Impact On People And Planet." They consider the health of the next seven generations.  They are on a mission and have joined forces with other companies to not only provide us with safer, healthier options for our homes and families but are also advocating for what is right.  Their products range from toilet bowl cleaner, to dish soap to stain removal.  We highly suggest them and area available at retailers and online.

Aunt Fannies is all about bringing back the microbiome to our homes.  As stated on their website:
"The word microbiome is defined as the collection of microbes or microorganisms that inhabit an environment, creating a “mini-ecosystem” of sorts. It’s the invisible operating system of life. Gazillions of microbiota strong, this ecosystem is designed to help us thrive. We’re part of it. It’s part of us. We know it in the gut, but there’s a microbiome at work everywhere. Especially indoors, where we often spray and oversanitize these “old friends” into oblivion. This disrupts the system. Ours and theirs. It’s time to welcome them back. Aunt Fannie’s brings your house and health back home to the microbiome. Our fast formulas get dirty jobs done while letting nature work as intended."
The company was founded because of sickness and while many of us eat clean and remove other items in our lives we forget about our cleaning products and our personal care products.  We shouldn't have to be become sick to have to change.

Norwex is one of the first safer and healthier cleaning products and companies that some of us had heard about.  Their products significantly decrease the amount of time you spend cleaning, the amount of products you buy, reduces your exposure to toxic fumes or harmful chemicals, and reduces paper towel use.
Their cloth used to clean glass and mirrors is one of the greatest things since sliced bread.  We mean it.  Once you use it you will never go back to windex and paper towels!

Vinegar is such a wonderful, safe cleaning product.  Several options out there for organic, clean vinegar.

Thieves oil is a great cleaner to use on your surfaces especially where you want to make it extra hard for germs and bacteria to take hold.  A small amount can go a long way  and the aroma of cinnamon is quite pleasant.  This one from Young Living is wonderful.

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