10 July, 2021

Seven Built-In Closet Features That Will Improve Your Life – According to LiLu Interiors

Seven Built-In Closet Features That Will Improve Your Life

We've been working on a lot of new construction homes recently, which involves a whole lot of planning and organizing. How does this relate to our topic this week, built-in closet features? Well, part of that planning involves helping our clients to organize their things and maximize the storage space they will have in their new homes.
This is where closets come into play. At Lilu, we often consult closet designers, who have organizational options that are not available on the DIY market. Working with high-end closet designers enables us to achieve the best organizational results for our clients. Read on to check out seven built-in closet features you never knew you needed.

1. Double Jewelry Drawer - Built-In Closet Features

A double jewelry drawer is a two-layered, built-in closet feature drawer to store your jewelry.
These drawers have a top tray for smaller items and a bottom layer under that. This way, you can fit twice as much jewelry in your closet as you could in a single drawer!
The top drawer features small compartments to organize your earrings and rings so that never again will you show up somewhere wearing two (slightly) different hoop earrings!
With a double jewelry drawer, you can find things more easily when you're getting dressed in the morning or for a night out. You're also less likely to lose those tiny pieces of jewelry when they have a specific place to go.
Overall, when things are organized, life is a lot easier!

2. Valet Rod - Built-In Closet Features

A valet rod is a small, pull-out rod that is a helpful built-in closet feature. You can use these rods in multiple ways.
One common use is to organize your clothes for the day. You can see everything you're wearing or plan to wear, saving time later and the stress of going through drawers and pushing through hangers to find each component of your outfit. You might set your clothes up on a valet rod when you wake up, go for a run or bike ride, and come back to a streamlined dressing process that saves both time and stress.
Another great use for a valet rod is to pack for a trip, you can see everything you plan to put in your suitcase, instead of just throwing random clothes in, only to find you packed the wrong things! Valet rods are common in hotel rooms for this very reason, but they're great for your at-home closet too.

3. Pull-Down Rod - Built-In Closet Features

A pull-down rod is a great way to save space and take advantage of ceiling height closets.
With this rod, you can store any clothes 9 feet in the air and simply pull the rod down when you need them. Why have an empty space above your closet rod? Take advantage!
This built-in closet feature is great for storing off-season clothes, clothes you only wear on occasion, or heirlooms you don't wear often but keep for their sentimental value or otherwise.

4. LED-Lit Rods

The advent of LED lighting has made it easier for closet designers to light up each area of your closet. There doesn't need to be any more trying to differentiate between ten different black jackets in the dark! With LED lighting, you can light up drawers, rods, and more.
When closet rods are lit, it is much easier to see all of your clothes and to tell colors apart. Finally, you can tell which suit or dress you want among dozens of black or navy shades.
Another plus to this built-in closet feature is that the light actually falls on your clothes! With average closet lighting, the lighting is behind you, not on the actual clothes. This causes the problem of you casting shadows on the very things you're trying to see!
Overall, this is another built-in closet feature that will make your life a whole lot easier.

5. Pant Rack

A pant rack is great to have as part of your closet. You can fit multiple pairs of pants in a small space, increasing the amount of storage you have in your closet. This way, you don't have to deal with individual, bulky hangers for each pair of pants, maximizing your space. Save the bulky hangers for the garments that really need them!
Not only that, but pant racks are a great storage alternative to drawers for those pants that seem to be constantly wrinkled. A built-in pant rack is a great way to save a use of your ironing board!
Pant racks also provide a specific place for a specific thing: pants! This built-in closet feature ups the organization factor of your closet, something we could all use a bit more of!
Pant Rack

6. Built-In Hampers

A built-in hamper provides a solution for those of us who are messier than we'd like to admit. You can sort your clothes right there in your closet, and never again have clothes piling up on the floor.
Working with a high-end closet designer, built-in hamper options are highly customizable. You could have one hamper for the dry cleaner, and another for the clothes you'll wash at home. Or, you could have one hamper for darks, and another for lights!
With built-in hampers, you have an option between tilt-out or pull-out hampers. Both are great, but some people prefer one over the other. When planning your closet, look for a built-in hamper that allows for liners, making it easy to take your clothes out, put them into the laundry, and replace the liner.

7. Built-In Ironing Board

Convenience is king these days, which is why ironing your clothes is becoming a lost art. Most people no longer have time to iron as much as they used to, but still, they don't want to walk around with wrinkles in their clothes!
Having a built-in ironing board provides a solution to this modern struggle. With one of these built-in closet features, you can do touch-ups in your closet right before you put on your clothes. This saves time and energy, while making your clothes crisper and more presentable!

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