01 February, 2012

Serve Yourself Up Some Beauty

By Lisa Peck, ASID
When I think about the things that sustain me in my life and feed my soul beauty ranks right at the top for me and I think it does for most people. Beauty can take many forms in our lives. Sunshine, nature, our child's smile and laughter, a piece of art, a beautiful song. Whatever form of beauty speaks to you, you deserve to have that in your life.

I encourage everyone to find beauty that speaks to you, brings you back to the joy you felt as a child, and serve it to yourself on a daily basis. I, of course, find that many forms of beauty are capable of bringing me back to the best part of myself. I love an ocean view, walking in a dense forest, and sterling roses but I don't have those things every day. I think one of the best ways to have beauty in my life every day is to have a beautiful environment in my home.
If you aren't surrounding yourself with beauty you should! You will be amazed at what it can do for you. Start today. You can start small with a plant, one accent wall painted in a color you just love, a piece of art that transports you. Start with just one thing and then pay attention to it. Start creating beauty in your world. Starting at home. If we all did the world would be a better place.