04 November, 2016

Serenity Now Trend-A look for today

by Lisa Peck, ASID
Serenity Now Trend
Has the world felt a little out of hand for a few years? One current trend in interior design is toward creating a serene look for you home. A respite from the world is a need for many people. As interior designers, we make it our business to understand the world our clients live in and what they need from their home. Serenity is a feeling that many people are seeking out. At LiLu we have identified a serenity now trend that is a perfect fit for what society needs today.  At LiLu Interiors our mission is to get behind our clients intention for their lives. Many of our clients are looking for a calm, peaceful respite from the world.
These mood boards can inspire a serene interior and show fashion, art, materials and objects that support this trend.

serenity now trend mood board
serenity now trend and palette
Beyond Aesthetics
Serenity Now is a trend that answers to more than aesthetics. Many people today are experiencing the world as a chaotic place. The explosion of minimalist and mindfulness blogs are one indication of this. Time is being seen as the most valuable commodity we have. Serenity now also embraces smart technology to make lives easier. New fibers are being used to create easily maintained homes. Interior designs are addressing all the senses more fully, sound, aroma are being used by designers and homeowners to support wellness. These many aspects of this trend create a broad appeal.