18 June, 2012

Selling Value in a Slow Economy

By Alison Perkins, LiLu Interiors Intern
"Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react."
These were the first words out of Mick Frank's mouth and words that seemed to hit me like a train.  Pretty powerful words coming from a man I just met, when I was under the impression I was just getting a tour of Target Field, a Cambria presentation and lunch.  As he began speaking, it became suddenly apparent to me that everything he was talking about did not only apply to selling products, but to selling services and ultimately, your business.  When it comes down to it and all of our businesses are strained down, we have fairly common taglines; we are selling an exceptional product, with unbeatable service and an energized staff.  Who wouldn't try to sell that?  His point was, what sets you apart?  How do you encompass all of those things into a brand, but also add something distinct that makes you memorable?  It could be as simple as a laminated installation sheet that costs $2.00 as Mick pointed out, or providing snacks and drinks like Lilu does for client meetings.
The point of all of this is, you have to invest in your business and ultimately believe in it, because if you don't, who will?  Don't spread yourself thin by trying to become an expert on everything.  Find your target niche and become extremely knowledgable of that and you will be successful.  Mick said "It doesn't matter what the price is, we are looking for what's fair based on the quality of the product, quality of the service and quality of the experience".  In this economy, isn't this what everyone is searching for?
Life is never labeled or defined by what happens to you, but by the actions you take towards an outcome.  Remember these wise words the next time a project falls through or something doesn't go your way, because the deliberate steps you take the next time can make all the difference!