26 October, 2009

Scary Stories

by LuAnne Silvia
This week rather than writing about what inspires us you will find out what scares us here at LiLu Interiors! Well not really, but we wanted to get in the spirit of Halloween...
#1 Don't Be Afraid To Call Before It's Too Late"  OR  "Two Heads Are Better Than One"
The best spaces are a result of a well assembled design team early on when everyone involved has a chance to understand the concept, direction and goals of the project. As designers we enjoy a collaborative effort with our clients, in our studio and with other professionals. We welcome everyones ideas and have a long extended team of tradespeople we rely on. Our vendors, workrooms, installers all have invaluable ideas to contribute that make each project unique and better in the end. Your home is an investment and we happen to believe in thinking through the details up front. So don't be afraid to call and share your ideas with us.

This interior is pulled together, but is it the best use of the space? Perhaps exploring space plan options would have resulted in something other than seating for one.470_66861
A busy kitchen needs a plan before you attempt to remodel. Assessing your storage needs, examining work flow and designing the details before you start will benefit the finished space.
Tune in tomorrow for "Trick or Trend"

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