30 October, 2009

Scary Stories 5

By LuAnne Silvia
If you have any reservations about working with a designer maybe there are some misperceptions we could help clear up. Too much HGTV might lead one to believe that all designers hot glue straw to interior walls for it's organic quality and live by absolutes like "Always ___ ___ __ ____" (fill in the blanks). With the abundance of design advice circulating it is hard to decipher what is reality. It is overwhelming enough to scare anyone! But don't let one bad apple spoil the barrel. The big mistake here is missing an opportunity to get professional help guide you through the design process to a stunning result. One designer does not fit all. We encourage potential clients to interview all members of their design team, meet them in person and try each other out and see how it feels. Creepy? Or did you click? Ask questions that help you determine if designers want to know your goals or do they have their own? All design projects have a few bumps in the road, unexpected surprises - this doesn't have to be a negative experience. An invested design team is experienced with solving issues and committed to figuring them out. All the more reason to find someone you enjoy being around. The big designer myth to beware of: the claims that there will never be any bumps in the night...
will and grace
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