29 October, 2009

Scary Stories 4

By LuAnne Silvia
#4 Don't Get Caught In The Dark
It is always the same old scene: why are characters in horror films always lurking, stumbling and running around in the dark? I'm watching the movie and thinking TURN ON THE LIGHTS!You may think this is for dramatic effect, but maybe it is because they didn't have a lighting plan. Instead of playing games and eating popcorn their time would have been better spent installing recessed lighting. Too often lighting is an after thought, or not a thought, when really it is a design element. When thoughtfully designed into your interior, lighting can:

  • create comfortable conversation areas without glare
  • provide task lighting where you need it
  • accentuate textures
  • create ambient lighting to convey a mood
  • high light works of art
  • add drama to a space (or BE the work of art)
  • enhance color
  • make you look good, not ghastly with even illumination and no harsh shadows

Here are a couple of interiors that are scarily underlit lighting bath
bad hallway lighting
And a couple of interiors that saw the light
hallway lighting
Tune in tomorrow for "Urban Design Legends"

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