28 October, 2009

Scary Stories 3

By LuAnne Silvia
#3 "Too Much Candy In One Sitting"   OR  "Filling Up On Junk"
When you return from trick or treating and dump all of your candy out on the floor it is best to dive in and devour it all at once. No, no, no! It is tempting to dive in and devour it all at once, but it is better to divide it up and ration it out over time. When it comes to your design project the same can be true. Think in terms of the bigger picture. Design a master plan so you know where you are headed (which includes determining a budget) and don't bite off more than you can chew. Your budget may point you in the direction of implementing your project in phases, which may not satisfy your immediate craving.  Having a plan in place will help guide decisions, good decisions, removing the temptation of installing the in-stock item only because it is in stock. Investing in the best quality you can afford you know you will have done it right and your home will stand the test of time.
What lies beneath...the inner workings of upholstery can be sound or scary, beware of what is hiding under the covers.
Beware of stapled drawers with inexpensive glidesCheap_Drawer_Slides
This dovetailed drawer box with full extension glides is thrilling, not chillingFull-Extension-Glides
Tune in tomorrow for "Don't Get Caught In The Dark"

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