27 October, 2009

Scary Stories 2

By LuAnne Silvia
#2 "Trick or Trend"
When asked about designing the current trends into a remodeling project we advise focusing on personal tastes and what works with your home's architectural style over following the decorating trends. Have fun with trendy colors in accent pieces that can be easily updated in time. The trends we like to pay attention to have more to do with technology than the hot new item this season. Advances in appliances, home theater equipment, lighting and plumbing fixtures and paint are inspiring, not scary.
LED lighting in shelves provides even illumination in a variety of colors.
30Fish closeup lumolar baby fish tide s
single baby fish tide
Soft Shell fish lighting using LED technology from Phillips.
Kupperbusch induction wok top..all the fun, lower energy use...ultra safe.
No touch faucets are being designed in a variety of styles for kitchen and baths and are becoming more affordable for residential use.
Tune in tomorrow for "Too Much Candy In One Sitting" OR "Filling Up On Junk"

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