05 June, 2012

Scale and Retail

 by Ally Evander, Allied Member, ASID
We often have clients who ask us to help them bring a space in their home to the next level of finish. They have purchased some pieces they really like, but for some reason they can’t quite pinpoint, the room just doesn’t feel right. And we often diagnose this design problem as an issue of scale (among other things). It is one of the most often neglected principles of design by people trying to design their own spaces.
 And often times, this problem stems from a lack of properly scaled products available on the retail market.
 One example is those little square storage ottomans you see every where. People love them because they function as a footrest, a table to set a drink on and as easily moveable extra seating for guests. On the retail market, you will find an abundance of 18” square ottomans, which are typically too small to use with larger seating pieces. It can be really challenging to find retail furniture that is the perfect scale for a room because of the limited sources for consumers. But there are an abundance of trade resources (meaning custom, available through designers only) that offer products which better meet a variety of scale requirements.

Retail Ottomans:

These ottomans are typical examples of what you can find on the retail market, 18" x 18" or smaller:


Here is a quick sketch of these ottomans in a space. They look a little small to be used with the large sectional.


Trade Source Ottomans:

These ottomans from Precendent are 25" x 25" and available through the trade in any fabric or leather you choose:  

Here is a quick sketch of the size of these ottomans in the same space. See the difference? Much better to kick your feet up on!

This is just one example of how important scale is in helping a room to “feel right.” Not everybody understands how to execute the concept, but LiLu can help. It's something we always consider when selecting furnishings, patterns, you name it. And it makes all the difference!