01 April, 2011

Saw Mill

By Christina Winter, Allied Member ASID
As our night unfolded in Michigan we were given the opportunity to visit our clients' saw mill that has been in their family for generations.  It is still up and running and this is where they cut the posts for the island.  It was truly something to see and we were so glad that we were given the chance  to tour it.  Another special addition to their home will be how we incorporate some of the actual saws.  We will hang a symmetry of the saws on the fireplace which will once again add to the industriousness and rustic design of their home.
Below are photos of the first round of posts made of Cherry.  Unfortunately, they were warped in the kiln and were unable to be used.  Therefore, new posts are being created.  They are so beautiful and will add such a special detail and converstation piece to their home.

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