05 February, 2022

5 Ways to Make Your Roman Shades Unique

According to LiLu: 5 Ways to Make Your Roman Shades Unique

Use Trim - Roman Shades

At Lilu, we love roman shades as a practical and stylish window covering that's somewhere between a blind and drape. If you're looking for ways to set your shades apart, keep reading!
One way to make your shades unique is to use trim. Try adding a border around the shade at the long edges or at the bottom to add interest and character.
It's great to combine a plain fabric with a patterned trim or a patterned fabric with a plain trim.
Trim3 Trim4

Be Bold - Roman Shades

You can use a bold pattern to add whimsy, color, or interest to your shades.
Something as simple as a stripe can be gorgeous, or as bold as a stripe can truly make your room unique.
Bold1 Bold2

Be Colorful

I think bold colors make a room a place that encourages fun. A subtle pattern in a bold color on shades says "I'm not so serious". Bold color on a roman shade can also serve to balance color elsewhere in the room!
Check out these roman shades made from Sylvie & Mira fabrics in the photos below! They're the perfect fabric choice to add bold color and have some fun in your space.
Color1 Color2

Use a Shaped Border

You can also use a contrasting fabric to create a shaped border to add interest to your roman shades and create a one-of-a-kind look.
Look to arches and headboards for inspiration for shapes, and check out the photo below to see how we pulled this off.

Use a Sheer

Using a sheer roman shade is subtle, ethereal, and pretty. This option is much less bold. It's the perfect way to exemplify softness in your space and create a safe haven.
Sheer pin this 1 Cream Photo Homemakers Pinterest Graphic

Comments on 5 Ways to Make Your Roman Shades Unique
  1. Janet R Lorusso says:

    Such great ways to level up a Roman shade! I love the addition of trim to almost anything, but on Roman shades it is particularly terrific!

  2. Amy Wax says:

    I love all of your examples Lisa! I used to design and sell window treatments. When they are done as well as your examples, they can make such a difference in a room! Great post!

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