23 April, 2022

Reusing Furniture Is a Smart Move – According to LiLu

Reusing Furniture Is a Smart Move
We often have repeat clients. People move, for a new job, for a new neighborhood, and for a new stage of life. One thing we know at LiLu Interiors is reusing furniture is a smart move. We’ve often designed beautiful custom furnishings and rugs for our clients and our goal when they move is to reuse their furniture in a new way. Their new home will have a fresh look and it’s an environmentally and budget-friendly way to approach a new project.
If items cannot be incorporated into a new home, we help our clients find new homes for their furnishings.
Today we are sharing how we implemented this reusing furniture is a smart move philosophy in our Projects Posh Playhouse and Posh Playhouse 2.0.

Keep the Good Things
The Primary Bedroom reuses the most expensive pieces in the room, the bed and the large rug. We placed the nightstands in new guest bedrooms in their new home and replaced them with matching nightstands in marigold and added one pillow fabric giving a fresh look to the primary bedroom.
Eclectic-Renovated-Home-Master-Bedroom copy 14-Completely-renovated-master-suite-interior-designer-minneapolis-55405 copy
Reimagine the Use of Key Pieces
The banquette from the former dining room wasn’t a fit for the new larger dining room so we placed in the large upper hall as a spot to sit and read or have a quick conversation. Notice we are reusing furniture is a smart move by reimagining the use of this banquette.
Eclectic-Renovated-Home-Dining-Room copy 12-Updated-classic-hall-gallery-wall-interior-designer-55405 copy

Reusing Classic Furniture is a Smart Move

The classic sofa from the living room was paired with a daybed in the new house which required a more symmetrical design. The chairs from the previous living room found a new home in the poker room.
Eclectic-Renovated-Home-Living-Room copy 1-Distinctive-luxury-living-room-pink-turquoise-Minneapolis-interior-designer-55405 copy

A Fresh Look for the Dining Room

The dining chairs were reused with new host and hostess chairs and a new table in our client's next home. We were lucky to be able to order additional chairs in the same fabrics! All are still available.
Eclectic-Renovated-Home-Dining-Room copy 5-Distinctive-luxury-dining-room-Minneapolis-interior-designer-55405 copy

A Unique Desk

The aqua desk from her first home office was paired with a new power wallpaper and gave it an entirely different look.
As designers, reusing furniture is a bit like putting a puzzle together. We work closely with our clients to keep the vibe just right while reimaging the use of each piece.
Eclectic-Renovated-Home-Office-Desk copy 13-Distinctive-modern-office-wall-interior-designer-Minneapolis-55405 copy PINTHIS REUSINGPIN

Comments on Reusing Furniture Is a Smart Move – According to LiLu
  1. Leslie Carothers says:

    What a great post! I loved seeing the different ways you reused/re-purposed your client’s existing furniture.
    I especially loved how shifting the wallpaper in your client’s office gave that pretty oval blue desk such an updated and powerful vibe!

  2. Amy Wax says:

    Beautiful post, and I love seeing the pieces getting reused! It’s a great way of paying homage to the quality furniture you already own.

  3. Christie says:

    I love the bed!! Beautiful job!!

  4. Janet Lorusso says:

    It is so fun to see the different ways you have used the nice quality pieces your clients invested in! Quality is the gift that keeps on giving; a quality product + a great designer = a beautiful environment. every time!

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